A free paper craft project with lots of moving parts

December 14, 2009

Hoops and YoYo Paper CraftAfter we watched the video and saw how the completed project worked, we became pretty excited about the hoops&yoyo “paper automata” paper craft project — even though it requires adult supervision.

That said, we’re not entirely sure we understand what “this dynamic little pink kitty & green bunny duo” is all about… They appear to be a Hallmark product and they’re animated and they have their own website. In any case, we really like this paper craft project. Have we said that before?

Watch the YouTube video about this project and if you want to make your own “paper automata,” download the free parts and pieces and the instruction sheet and get to work! Remember, however that adult supervision is required. Here’s why: “There’s lots of cutting and gluing and putting stuff together in twisty-turny ways that might make you cry if you don’t get it just right.”

Thanks to Matt at Paper Forest for the tip about this project.

This paper craft project appears to be no longer available.


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