Download free “Whispersync” software from Amazon and you can read Kindle books on your PC

February 9, 2010

A few weeks ago, we received an e-mail from author Tim Dorsey inviting us to download a free copy of his novel “Atomic Lobster.” Alas, when we tried to do so, we discovered the download was a Kindle Edition.

We don’t own a Kindle and it’s not high on our list of things we really want for Christmas or Valentine’s Day or our birthdays. We prefer real books. We like the way they look and feel — and if we accidentally leave a paperback in the seat pocket of an airplane, we haven’t lost a lot of money. Forget your Kindle Wireless Reading Deviceand you’ve lost more than enough money to check a couple of bags and buy a pillow and blanket for your journey through the crowded skies.

But we regress… What we want to tell you about is today’s exciting discovery: Amazon is offering a FREE download of a Beta version of its “Whispersync” software that allows you to read hundred of thousands of Kindle books on your PC (sorry Mac fans your version is still “coming soon”).

We downloaded and installed the software on a PC. It was quick and easy. We opted not to register. This proved to be a meaningless gesture, since you’ll need to register with your account in order to download free Kindle Editions of books.


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