Our new thrift and resale store page debuts

February 27, 2010

Photograph ©Nadine Goff

We have friends and relatives who wear designer clothes and hang signed prints by famous artists on their walls — and boast that they bought that gorgeous sweater or piece of art for just a few dollars at a local thrift store. We aren’t that lucky or successful.

Still, we occasionally browse at thrift and resale stores, hoping to find a great bargain. That’s why, while ambling down State Street on Saturday afternoon, we popped into re•threads, a new-to-us “clothing boutique” at 410 State Street.

The store according to its business card, sells “modern, vintage, new, used, and recycled” clothing. It was crowded with out-of-town shoppers, many of whom, judging by overheard snippets of conversation, seemed to be here for the high school wrestling tournaments.

We wrestled our way through the crowd and discovered lots of used women’s clothing priced in the single digits. We couldn’t get close to the new or the vintage, but we did check out some items on a rack labeled “Designer Brands and Premium Denim.” There we saw a size-6 Brian Reyes dress in marigold-colored silk for $165 (according to the tag, it was originally $510).

While not every item at a thrift store or resale store is necessarily cheap, they do tend to be full of bargains — if you have patience and a knack for sighting the good deals. That’s why we’ve decided to add a “Thrift and resale store” page to Madison on the Cheap.You can access it via the tab at the top of this page.

We’re not experts on this kind of store; we suspect that there are lots more stores that should be added to this page. If you know of some, please send us an e-mail at madisononthecheap@gmail.com or use our contact form. If you have a link to the store’s website, please include it: Looking up this information can take a lot of time, and there are scores of other tasks also in need of Izzy the Intern’s attention.

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