Meet Deb Nies, our new “cheap eats” reviewer

August 8, 2012

You might catch a glimpse of our reviewer if you rent this movie; otherwise, you'll have to wait until we get a photo of her decked out in one of her disguises.

Deb Nies is a mother, writer, girl Friday and Social Media Consultant.

Her esoteric career has spanned such things as Ice Cream Scooper to eBay seller to Directory Assistance Operator to EDI Specialist. Deb’s most interesting claim to fame was that she was an extra in the 1997 Sci-Fi TV movie, “Invasion,” starring Luke Perry and Kim Cattrall.

Deb’s numerous awards and accolades include: Finalist in a cast-iron skillet throwing contest, a 2nd place ribbon for her bumbleberry pie entry, and the enduring title of “Best. Mom. Ever.,” bestowed upon her by her teen daughter.

Her turn-ons include dining out, scoring a great deal, reading, socializing, and taking the road less traveled. Deb’s top-three turn-offs, because the complete list is too long to include here, are mean people, paying retail, and Wisconsin winters.


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