Change from a Twenty: Deb Nies reviews the all-day breakfast at Country Cafe in Sun Prairie

August 15, 2012

Sometimes I just crave breakfast food, but that pesky little thing called “a job” gets in the way of partaking of delicious breakfast dishes. For our latest quest, my sidekick and I looked for a great mom and pop joint offering an all-day breakfast with hearty, tasty portions at a reasonable price. I’m delighted to report we found it at the Country Cafe in Sun Prairie.

Traditional breakfast at the Country Cafe in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin © by Deborah Nies

Upon entry to the Country Cafe, we noticed the dining room has the look and feel of an older chain restaurant. We discovered it was originally a Country Kitchen. In 1994, it was purchased and renamed the Country Cafe. Their website notes the owners are considered “Breakfast Specialists.”

This sounded like a challenge to my dining sidekick and me. As we rarely have the opportunity to have breakfast favorites for dinner, we both happily ordered from the breakfast page.

I ordered a Ranch-style Pan Handler boasting of “seasoned hash browns topped with two country fresh eggs, sausage, onions, green peppers, and toast.” Pan Handlers are served in their own personal fry pans. (I envisioned a cast iron skillet delivery.)

Ranch-Style Panhandler breakfast at the Country Cafe in Sun Prairie © by Deborah Nies

My companion ordered The Traditional consisting of “two country fresh eggs, lightly seasoned hash browns and toast, with choice of meat.” My companion, a bit persnickety in the exactness of egg doneness, ordered her eggs medium, with bacon as the meat choice.

The food arrived so quickly, I was a bit concerned. I needn’t have worried. These were the “breakfast specialists,” right? I have to say I am sold on the title. My eggs, requested over easy, were perfectly cooked. The hashbrowns were nicely browned and crunchy on the outside, but tender on the inside. Green peppers and onions were tender-crisp, with sausage pieces sprinkled over the top of the entire creation. In a word? Delightful. In another word, filling. I ate half, and received a box for the rest.

My companion’s meal received oohs and aahs, as well. She also complimented the hash browns, and exclaimed her eggs were just as she liked them. The bacon strips, to one used to eating center-cut varieties, were not up to her standards, however. She lamented one piece was not cooked thoroughly and was limp. However, the dark rye toast made up for this small disappointment. Steer clear of apple juice as it was overwhelmingly sugared.

Service was fast, efficient and friendly. After hearing I preferred an IV of coffee, our server made certain my cup was never empty. She was down-to-earth and likeable without being intrusive.

We received change from our $20, and decided we would definitely return to try non-breakfast specials.

Secret Great Deal Tip: I engaged the waitress, who just happened to be an owner, about their daily specials. She informed me the locals flock to them for a fried chicken “fix” on Tuesday nights, even though there’s a famous chain chicken restaurant next door. For just $7.20, you’ll receive a 3-piece fried chicken dinner consisting of a breast, a wing and a thigh, accompanied by two sides of your choice. Take-out orders are quite popular, so call in advance. Additionally, she raved they’re “nearly famous” for their Wednesday special of Deep Fried Pork Chops served with dressing and two sides for just $7.50. Menu details here.

As fried chicken fans, we WILL return for the Tuesday special in the near future.

Notes: For the bargain hunter, a BOGO entree coupon may be found here: The Country Cafe notes on their website, “we have the best coffee in Dane County.” If best equals hot, bottomless and has caffeine, then yes, it’s “the best.” Otherwise, I give the coffee a big thumbs-down.

1030 Emerald Terrace, Sun Prairie (near the intersection of Hwy 151 and Hwy 19)

Hours: 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.


Receipt Details:
Ranch Pan Handler = $6.70
The Traditional = $6.55
Bottomless coffee = $1.20
Apple Juice = $1.90
Subtotal = $16.35
Tax = $.90
Total $17.25 + tip

Change from a $20 : $2.75


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