Hong Kong Cafe on South Mills Street has been serving “Lunch on the House” on Labor Day for 25 years

September 3, 2016

Chinese takeout box

Hong Kong Cafe will once again be providing free carry-out lunches on Labor Day. “Every year on Labor Day we do a free lunch customer appreciation special,” says Philip Leung, an owner at Hong Kong Cafe. This year is the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong Cafe’s “Lunch On the House” event. It will be served on Monday, September 5th, 2016 from noon until 2 p.m.

What’s for lunch? Basically the same menu as previous years. When we talked to Leung several years ago, he told us, “This is a pretty fast in and out type of FULL Chinese lunch service including egg roll. It’s delicious and we open an outdoor area to serve as many as possible during this promotion. It’s a great thing for us, we only hope to get our menu in the hands of as many Madisonians as will show up!” When we talked to him a few days ago, he reminded us that Hong Kong Cafe has been under the same ownership for 25 years.

Here’s a basic summary of the “rules” for this special Labor Day Event:

Doors open at 12 noon.
Free Lunch served until 2 p. m.
Lunches will be carry-out only
No Purchase necessary
One entrée per person
No need to place order in advance
There will be several entrée choices, including a vegetarian option.

The Hong King Cafe is located at 2 South Mills Street (at the intersection of South Mills and Regent Streets.).

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