The Pumpkin Lady® (Lisa Berberette) has spent the past 13 years carving pumpkins “for the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart, and had the honor of being an expert judge for the Food Network’s Extreme Pumpkin Challenge.” She’s also “carved pumpkins on a chilly October morn in Times Square for Good Morning America and spent hot days under studio lights for the Home Shopping Network.”

But what we love about her is that on her website she offers FREE patterns that change EVERY WEEK from now through Halloween! Plus, she offers hundreds of exciting and creative patterns for just $1.49 each (or less if you buy lots of them).

The Pumpkin Lady’s website also offers free “how-to” videos and links to other interesting sites, including her blog and her Etsy shop. Pay her a visit and be inspired!

Thanks to Carolyn at Wichita on the Cheap for introducing us to The Pumpkin Lady,

Chihuahua stencil for pumpkin carving by Diane Starkey

Chihuahua stencil for pumpkin carving by Diane Starkey

Halloween is on the way and Madison on the Cheap hopes to be able to tell you about lots of monstrously good deals.

Now that pumpkins are available, perhaps you should think about really doing some fancy carving this year. But before you buy stencils, take a look at the Better Homes & Gardens website, where the magazine is offering 36 printable pumpkin stencils for free. Among the stencils are more than a dozen that let you carve a pumpkin to resemble your favorite breed of dog. Choices include Chihuahuas, Beagles, Boxers, and Pugs.

We learned about this offer from Deb Stanley at Channel 7 News in Denver, and we’d like to share her insights about the offer:

“What’s the catch? You have to register for the Web site. The registration form comes up when you click on the stencil you want to print. Look carefully at all the checked and unchecked boxes, I didn’t want any of BHG’s newsletters, just the free stencils. Also, when the Web site offers you a free year of the magazine, read carefully. It’s actually offering you a free year, if you buy a year. I said no.”

The dog stencils are HERE. Stencils for more traditional themes, including bats, spiders, and witches, are HERE.