Madison, WI, is a famous city for many tourists who travel to enjoy the numerous recreational facilities it offers. The city is located between two giant lakes, and there are multiple things to do in this city. If you are into nightlife and are within Madison, WI, here are some things you could do in the night.

6 Things You Can Do in Madison WI at Night

1. Visit the Terrace and watch the sun as it sets

The first area you should visit and welcome the night is visiting the Memorial Union Terrace. It is one of the most popular spots for people in Madison because it offers cotton candy sunsets that attract many people. While here, you will watch the sunset over Lake Mendota and make memories that you will never forget.

Sunset at Memorial Union Terrace. Photo courtesy of sonimi on Flickr.

2. Visit the Memorial Union Ice Cream

To cool yourself after a tedious day, you can pop into the Memorial Union Ice Cream and enjoy Babcock Ice Cream. It is made from dairy products supplied by Madison natives and has existed since the mid-20th century. Visiting this spot never disappoints. It is a rare opportunity to sample the different yogurt flavors at the New York Cherry.

3. Grab drinks at the State Street Brats

Visit State Street Brats and get your favorite drink at any time of the night. In here, you get to enjoy Spiked White claw, juicy hot dogs, Tallboy, and other beer brands. You can also spice up your night if you find a spot at the patio where you will get fresh air and listen to the city’s buzzing sounds.

State Street Brats. Photo courtesy of Richard Hurd on Flickr.

4. Kollege Klub

The Kollege Klub, popularly known as KK, is a famous night sport in Madison, WI. It has a vast history that can be traced back to 1953. Many students enjoy visiting this bar for their favorite drinks, and it does not disappoint. You also get the opportunity to buy some Kollege Klub merchandise, which will your experiences hard to forget.

5. Dance at Sotto 

Do you enjoy dancing? If yes, visit Sotto, a famous spot for dancers in Madison, WI. It is a spot that you want to visit late at night to enjoy the good vibes of music and let everything down. The space also has an underground bar where you can get more drinks if you are not yet out. Underground music is loud, and you will rock it out.

6. Watch the Sun Rise

As the night comes to an end, consider visiting Lake Monona and enjoy the daybreak. You will witness the pink sunrise, which many people agree that it offers a unique therapy. Here, you will marvel at the rising sun and reflect on your night.

Sunrise at Lake Monona. Photo courtesy of Yinan Chen on Flickr.

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